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About the AHC

The Australian Hemp Council is a seven-member national peak body formed in June 2020 under the Federation model. It comprises a single representative from the local industrial hemp association within each of our nation’s six states and the Northern Territory.

The AHC is a primarily grower and processor driven-and-funded organisation, focusing on addressing issues impacting the industry whilst engaging with Government and community. The members of the council are working to drive policies that will foster productivity of the Australian Hemp Industry with a specific focus on improving the industry’s capacity to compete at a global level, thus ensuring long term sustainability of a profitable industry.

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Australian Hemp Council Members​​

representing the hemp industry across Australia
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Six key objectives of the Australian Hemp Council

Communication & Industry Integrity

To be a clear voice for the industry, specifically on behalf of growers and processors and to ensure industry and product integrity is maintained.


Provide industry direction to research activities with the long term goal of establishing a research levy for the industry.

Lobbying & State Regulation

Lobbying the Federal Government to ease restrictions on the cultivation of industrial hemp including production, processing and selling of food, fibre, fodder and extracts (includes terpenes and cannabinoids other than THC) related to industrial hemp, and assisting with the national standardisation of State regulations.

Chemical Applications
Support applications for crop chemical permits.
Industry Trends
Gather and collate industry information including areas of production, yields and number of licences while promoting the distribution of new agronomic knowledge.
Seed Certification
Support the establishment of PBR and seed certification systems including classification and tracing of planting seed with the view to reducing the need for crop testing to allow for easy shipping of seed throughout Australia.

The Australian Hemp Council is incorporated in South Australia
ARBN 644 733 602