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August 2023

AHC President’s Report – August 2023

There have been some major developments this month showing that the hemp industry is gaining momentum, although industry challenges continue to crop up.

AHC Carbon Group
The AHC Carbon Group had it’s first meeting on July 26th chaired by Lauchlan Grout. This forum is open to all stakeholders, if you would like to join in you can send a request to The purpose of the group is to discuss hemp industry issues and solutions in regard to carbon sequestrations systems.

X – Hemp
Local Tasmanian business X – Hemp that utilises hemp stubble for housing and other fibre related products is presenting an opportunity to invest into the industry. You can learn more following this link:
In other exciting news for X-Hemp is an agreement to use X – Hemp product extensively in the University of Tasmania’s Forestry and Timberyards redevelopment. When complete, the Forestry building will be the largest ever commercial use of hempcrete in Australia.

Hemp Masonry Workshops
Klara Marosszeky has been supporting the hemp construction industry in Australia for many years. Thanks to Klara Australian builders are able to learn skills through her workshops and is now doing ‘train the trainer’ to support this fast emerging industry. There is now a network of trainers throughout the country. If you are interested in learning how to build hemp houses log onto Klara’s website:
Workshops coming up:-
Zoom Theory Sessions 12,19 & 26 October 7 – 9m
Hemp Construction – Practical Workshops – Sat 11th November, Cressy, TAS 8am-4pm
Saturday 25th November – Marrickville NSW 8am-4pm

Global Hemp Summit
During the Global Hemp Summit being hosted by Melbourne University, there will be an AHC presentation updating delegates on the latest developments in the Australian Fibre industry. This summit is being held 27th and 28th of September. For further information and registration log onto their website:

A key challenge for the industry right now is the ruling by the APVMA that it’s illegal to sell hemp seed oil for animals unless the products have gone through an expensive – time consuming registration process. The AHC Fodder Group are requesting a meeting with the APVMA to discuss the ruling and develop solutions for the industry. Next month we will provide further details on this issue.

A major co-op project is forming for the industry, the AHC has applied for funding from Agrifutures for assistance in conducting a 90 day discovery project relating to the formation of a national hemp food and fibre co-operative. This is a major development for the industry and further details will be explained in next month’s report.

Hemp Regeneration Workshop
Around 40 attendees gathered at Stuart Larson’s Mara Seeds to discuss regenerative hemp farming practices and inspect the trials on hemp biochar used to help reduce methane emissions in cattle production.

NZ Hemp Summit
We enjoyed some fantastic NZ hospitality at the iHemp summit in Christchurch. A highlight was a tour of the Rubisco woollen and hemp processing facility in Christchurch. You can learn more by looking up these two sites. : and:
A summary of the New Zealand iHemp summit will be available soon.

Senate Support
The AHC recently had a meeting with the Greens leader of the Senate, David Shoebridge, to discuss industry issues and ways to support the industry.

State Reports

iHemp NSW – Jaimie Milling
There has been an enquiry west of Dubbo of interest planting 200 ha’s and in the Gunnedah area of 26 ha’s this spring.

The Australian Industrial Hemp Conference (AIHC) 2024 steering committee met on the 24/7/23 to start putting together the program for the 2024 conference between the 16-18th April 2024 at the Cypress Oaks Resort in the Hunter Valley.

Big news for NSW is the change in legislation to allow the extraction of resins from the hemp plant, with the exception of medicinal elements. This is a step in the right direction and opens up many more opportunities for hemp growers. It includes markets for such things as insecticides, food additives, paint additives and natural preservatives. The NSW government is to be commended for this move and gives hemp growers in NSW a key advantage over all growers in other states. Below is the web address for further information:

Coming up on the 5th October, the AHC and iHemp NSW are joining the NSW Minister for Agriculture and Jeremy Buckingham MLC for a roundtable discussion on the potential for hemp industry development in NSW.

QHA – Lauchlan Grout
Wandarra Pty Ltd is about to harvest 30 ha of Yuma for grain and biomass.

Rob Eccles organised a meeting in University of Qld in Gatton a meeting attended by QHA members and local researchers to discuss potential collaboration for hemp industry research in Queensland.

In far north Queensland on the outskirts of Atherton, Ananda Foods has contracted Jo Trimarchi to grow 20ha of fibre crop for seed bulking. Planted in June and harvested in August, it’s a quick crop and due to the location and timing, only grows to around 1.8m, not the usual 3m plus that occurs in other latitudes. This makes it easier to harvest the seed. EcoFibre, the parent company of Ananda Foods, exports some seed supply to the US to plant for fibre crop production.

Recently the QHA had a meeting with the QLD Premiers Office representative to give a background on the hemp industry developments and the potential for industry growth with sound government support. We appreciate the fact that the Premier is interested to know more about the hemp industry in QLD and look forward to working with the QLD government.

Tasmanian Hemp Association – Tim Schmidt
At this stage it looks like this season’s planting will be quite limited as there is still quite a stockpile in Tasmania. Having said that, plenty of seed has been shipped out of the state to waiting markets, I believe by this time next year stocks will be quite low and there may even be a shortage of product.

Prices offered to growers are not quite substantive enough to compete with other enterprises such as canola and potatoes.

The big news for Tassie is that the sale of The Sustainable Nutrition Group, (formerly known as Australian Primary Hemp) to Elixinol has finally been completed and as promised, all growers’ and service providers’ outstanding accounts have been paid. This is a great outcome allowing the industry to move forward.

The long-awaited social media campaign for Tassie Hemp has begun, if you see items come through give it a repost so we can promote hemp food right across Australia. The tag is ‘eat tassie hemp’.

Operating in Tasmania is a small research company breaking new ground in the Australian hemp industry, looking to ramp up fibre production this season. Hemp Tasmania is working on utilisation of hemp for sustainable products, a good little company to keep an eye on:

Industrial Hemp Association of South Australia – Mick Andersen
Sowing seed for next season hemp crops are currently being organised for September dryland planting and November irrigated paddocks.

Growers are also considering contracts offered by Vircura and Hepburn Ag for biomass production, however nothing is committed yet and negotiations are continuing.

South Australia’s first export order of cold pressed hemp seed oil has been dispatched and received in South Korea without any quarantine issues. Next order will be shipped before the end of August.

First-to-market hemp oil vinaigrettes will be produced next week and launched by Good Country Hemp the first week of Sept

Regenerative Hemp Victoria – Lyn Stephenson
We have been working hard for the industry putting together a comprehensive submission for the Victorian Parliamentary Enquiry for how the Victorian Government can support the hemp industry. We managed to get a submission in and coordinate further submissions from members. Also thanks to the AHC for their supporting submission. We have has sent an email link to Councillors seeking their assistance and support. We note also that the Victorian Farmers Federation has also put in a submission indicating strong support for the industry.

We have been contacted by a South African builder who is visiting in September and wants to meet with Victorian hemp builders and producers.

Support our growing industry.
Our membership is growing, we now have almost 500 members under the AHC banner. We have been working hard to bring about change for the hemp industry and we need your support to get the job done. So please encourage those who believe in this industry to sign up and support our growing industry.

Get in touch
If you wish to follow up on any of the issues mentioned by our state members, please contact them directly. Contact details can be found here:

The AHC is a voluntary organisation supported by lots of individuals determined to support the successful establishment of an Australian hemp industry. The more members we have, the more we can achieve.

Thanks for reading and if you’re not already subscribed, join now to stay up to date with any new information regarding hemp around Australia.

From everyone at the AHC, thanks again and see you next month.