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Paws for Wellness: Legalise Hemp for Pets

Recently the Australian Pesticides Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) declared hemp seed oil and hemp seed by-products as veterinary chemicals that require registration.

At this very moment, as a result of the declaration by the APVMA, no business in Australia is permitted to sell products containing hemp seed or its fractions for animal consumption.

This has blocked access to the lucrative pet food and livestock feed markets and put a number of businesses at risk of insolvency. It also creates issues for processors, including seed cleaning businesses, where they now need to dispose of by-products.

The AHC has a pathway and a solution to this most serious problem, but we need the funds to be able to process the APVMA applications on behalf of industry. This may cost between $50 – $100K!

We ask those who are affected, to please make an investment into this project that will save you significant expenses in the future if you wish to continue selling animal foods containing hemp.

Bronwyn Blake of Hemp Feed Solutions has prepared a document Understanding the Regulatory Barriers to Hemp in Animal Feed to explain the current restrictions applying to Hemp as a pet food. We thank Bronwyn for leading this initiative.

To ensure your contribution can be accounted as a business expense we have put together the following sponsorship packages:

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$3K = Silver Sponsor – invitation to participate in select team meetings + more.
$1.5K = Bronze Sponsor – feature in AHC social media post + more

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